Reflection: Business and Personal – one and the same?

It is remarkable to me that we are already nearly at the end of this module (almost as remarkable as the fact we’ve had only two lectures in that time!). I really enjoyed writing about and exploring this topic, as it has lots of practical use for me, as I utilise many social media accounts and channels but have never really thought about why, or how I do so.
Reading other people’s posts was great, as I managed to get an understanding beyond just my own research. In reading Adrian’s blog, I was surprised to see a quote he had included from Facebook’s European Policy director (admittedly probably a busy man right now!) who believed that all online identities were becoming more authentic. However, I dispute this claim, noting that there is a rising concern about data privacy across the world (Gibbs, 2015) and this is only likely to be made worse by the Cambridge Analytic revelations (Sabbagh, 2018). These worries, I believe, result in people altering their image online, hiding elements, and having multiple identities.
I enjoyed Natalie’s blog post, and it prompted me to think a bit more about multiple identities and accounts from a business perspective. I came across an interesting article on a niche marketing website (Majaya, n.d.) discussing the merits of multiple accounts and I concluded that I too felt that multiple accounts were the best way forward, but that a very well managed social media policy centrally was necessary.
Unfortunately, there were no comments on my own blog post, which focused on individual’s separate social accounts, I reflected more privately, thinking that business and individuals were quite similar when it came to separate social media accounts. They work best for both, but only when enough thought has gone into the management of them. I believe now that social media is becoming such an important part of all life, that consideration must be given as to how an individual uses it, rather than just jumping in.

As a final bit of fun, I have prepared a single or multiple identity personality quiz:

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My comment on Adrian’s Blog:


My comment on Natalie’s Blog:


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