Reflecting on Residency

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Reflecting on this introductory topic was, for me, a useful process. Following on from the lecture on Friday 16th, I began to think about what I had learnt about the topic, and my own Digital Residency.

I had preconceptions of the concept of Digital Residency, and I explored these through my own self-assessment. This, in turn, led me to realise that my own position on the Digital Residency scale was not quite where I felt it was before reflecting on it. When reading posts from others, I found a similar thought. In Adam’s post, he talked about a shortage of skills in the “Online Communities” section, and I raised this in a comment to him. I also found this on Xavier’s post. We engaged in discussion (about exactly how he assessed his ability on Spotify, and how he hoped to improve in collaborative work. I found this really useful and I am now questioning how easy it is to assess to digital residency, as everyone has different ideas about their own use of technology, which can be challenged too. I think this is a definite learning point for me, the ambiguity around certain definitions, and this is something I can carry into my other work.

In comments on my own post, I was also able to explore this. Joanna’s comment began my train of thought about the ambiguity and difficult of definition, and Stephanie’s comment leads me to question the original categories in the self-assessment, something I had not even considered before.

Reflecting on this initial task, it has been a valuable learning experience to discuss ideas with others and has opened me to new perspectives in an area I thought I was already fairly knowledgeable in. I hope to take this into my other work.


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